Tax return preparation

Your tax returns are diligently researched and prepared by a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA). We work hard to ensure that your tax liability is at its legal minimum. Our staff is required to stay on top of the latest developments and IRS rulings so that you always receive the most up to date recommendations.

Tax Planning

It is best to plan your tax strategies throughout the year so that you have enough time to implement them before your tax return is due. We will walk through your financial situation with you and make recommendations to help reduce your tax liability. Then we will produce a written plan including steps that must be taken to implement the strategy and deadlines. We are also glad to assist you with implementation.

Retirement Planning

It is important to start planning for retirement early. Additionally, there are many tax benefits that can be reaped from proper retirement planning. We will review your current retirement plan and contributions with you and make asset-maximizing and tax-minimizing recommendations. We will create projections of future value given your current and hypothetical contributions and choose the strategy that's right for you.

Planning for Education

Financing an education can be one of the most daunting tasks faced by both parents and children. Whether you or your child are already in the course of your education or just starting to plan we may be able to maximize the amount of your federal grants and minimize your tax liability. FAFSA preparation and planning are included.